July 18, 2013

Roojoom - Awesome Collaborative Tool for Educators.

Well, I’ve been working with these Roojoom guys for a while now and decided to share some of the great benefits the Roojoom application can add to educators, classroom, children and many more... I’m sure you’ll find your best fit after reading this post.

So what is Roojoom?
Roojoom lets you turn bits of content into a story, using an easy re-narration tool where one post seamlessly leads to the next in a most reader-friendly and engaging way. It allows synthesizing information to fit to the relevant audience only. It allows users with various information resources (sites, you-tubes, documents, blogs…) to scope the readers to the exact relevant content taken from those sources.


Why Roojoom is a good fit for educators and Students?  You can see for yourself, here’s a bunch of examples ת Just click to look inside...

Synthesize education materials, Prepare to an exam, Communicating important materials parents should know about,Better Collaborate classroom information.

You can have your child create a Roojoom of a specific topic, have her search the web, learn the topic and present it in one Roojoom. Children are creating Roojooms as well.

And more….

And don’t forget to have fun… ho.. you won’t… because Roojoom is fun!

live at www.roojoom.com/all where you can experience the beginning of our vision.

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