May 12, 2012

KanPlan - A neat Homemade Kanban way to do your homework

Agile@Home :

Sometimes all I need to do is download a new app for my android tablets, and watch the kids use it. In this case - I got KanPlan, and in two minutes my children were all over the iPad, adding their homework tasks, and getting things done.

KanPlan was developed by Houda Hamdane as a solution for parents who want to organize homework time for their kids, while making it fun for everyone. KanPlan, as you probably understand from the name, uses Kanban to make this happen, and you know I believe Kanban to be one of the best tools in dealing with children and family tasks.
I first heard about KanPlan when commented on my LinkedIn post. Obviously, we both share the same interest in Kanban and believe in the home made /self made Kanban way to get things done.

Now, as you already know, I love simple. And KanPlan is simple.
You can add all sorts of tasks of course, not just homework. You can drag and drop your tasks according to their relevant status, and it is just full of colour.
They’ve even got a game - the KanQuiz - that you can solve to get points.
It just makes sense, when you think about it. Children today are naturally drawn to smart devices - smartphones, tablets, touch screens. Apps are their natural environment. So why not take advantage of that fact, and help them visualize their task with tools they are familiar with? Not only that, but pretty soon tablets will start replacing school books - so you are also preparing them for the not-too-distant future. The value of Kanban to the family and children go without saying (just take a look around the blog). KanPlan gives us a neat Kanban app for the kids, and has potential to be even bigger.

So go on - check it out. You’ll be amazed at how easy KanPlan is to pick up and use. 

Other than this video, there’s also a step by step tutorial of course.
You can get the KanPlan version for free from here: KanPlan has no ads in it (after all this is an application for kids)

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