February 26, 2012

The cards on the wall

The task card represents what needs to be done.
There are a few types of cards.

The Simple card:
Describes itself, for example, ‘do the dishes’.

The Parent card:
These cards include other tasks that may even be performed by other family members. For example, the math exam task below includes different types of problems that need to be learnt, each as a separate task. When they are completed, only then is the Parent task complete.

The details on the card
A card may include more specific details, such as who is responsible for it, maybe a deadline, and more.

Between you and me - it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that the tasks are visible, and that your kids see their name on the boards, and understand what they need to do. Other than the family, no one needs to understand the board, so put up the cards that make the most sense to you.
Don’t forget though - Keep It Simple. You aren’t running a software project, this is your family.
Here are a few examples of tasks that families have included in their Agile Kids efforts, ranging from the simple ones like ‘brush my teeth’ to the more complicated ones like ‘clean the house’, or ‘plan my birthday’.

Here, the small blue sticker shows the family who owns the task.

Here, you can see a large task broken down into smaller ones.

Here, the colour of the note shows who owns it.

Here, each small coloured note shows the owner.

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