September 02, 2013

Learning a routine, using a task board with kids.

A routine is A prescribed, detailed course of action to be followed regularly; a standard procedure. Kids are not born knowing how to follow a routine. So sometimes we need to teach them how to follow a set of steps, a routine till it’s clear to the child what is expected to be performed.  An obvious example may the morning routine in which we need to wake up , prepare to school and eventually get out of the house ; or the evening routine ;even a routine of learning the alphabets may not be so obvious for kids.

Let’s take the morning routine as an example: if it’s an issue, here’s another simple tip (among many in this blog) to help you get this going. Just build a routine task board.
1.       First step will be to visualize your tasks, using drowning or pictures . Visualization works wonders with kids. Make a list of tasks on the board according to the order expected.

2.       Make sure to mark tasks when they are done. Do it with your child! It usually works best with smaller kids. The mark can be a smile, a star or whatever incentive to continue to perform his/hers tasks and learn the routine.

You can collect the marks during the week, or count them for a price or a praise.

3.       Never assume that just having a task board for your child will make him/her perform his chores. No matter what kind of a task board you use with your child, don’t forget to talk it over with the child every day. This is the agile part. Let your child be an active part on planning his tasks, placing them on the list or board, performing them and moving them around. Don’t do it for him/her 

There are many other ways to deal with routine tasks, or learning a routine you just need to pick whatever fits your best.

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