May 30, 2013

Thing you need to know about taking agile into your home ,family and personal life .

We have prepared a two tracks overview over the concept of taking agile into the family and personal life. Obviously this is just the tip of the ice, and you are welcome to take a deep ture into these tracks recommended sites.

Enjoy :)

Applying agile principles to the day to day personal and family activities as well as for kids, small business and more applications.

The following will present the radical idea for healthy family communication and getting things done using agile. Implementing Agile at home with our kids and families has valuable learning benefits as well as empowerment, dealing with overwhelming day to day tasks and developing a healthy communication as a family. So can children and families benefit from Agile? Yes, they can! Remember: Our children go through childhood once , and we are the ones responsible for it. Most of the links roundup in this track is taken from this blog. Enjoy .

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