August 15, 2012

Going back to school schedule

Remember when your kids spent the last month following a daily schedule, going to bed early, getting up early, and setting aside time for their homework?

You don’t?

The holidays might have had something to do with that :) Kids tend to sleep late, lose track of time, have no schedule whatsoever - but they’re kids. They are allowed to.

But school is just around the corner, and you need to start getting back on track.Going to bed at normal hours, setting a daily schedule, and so on.


How do we do that?

1.      First, we’ll refresh the basic rules.
a.      Bed time.
b.      TV schedule.
c.       Homework place and schedule.
d.      And of course, any other rules that matter.

2.      Gradually get back to track :
a.      Pick a few issues to start changing, and practice them.
b.      Retrospect each day over the results and select the next issues.
c.       Insist on getting tasks done.

I’ll finish this post with some practical tips of getting kids ready to go back to school - Enjoy!

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