April 01, 2012

Home Kanban board…. Swift Kanban software

Awesome Free of charge home Kanban board…. Swift Kanban software
People, who know me, know I prefer the good old-fashioned white boards and sticky notes over software tools, but even I stumble across tools that I find really useful, giving that extra edge to practicing Agile at home with our kids.
Don’t forget! A tool does NOT replace our direct communication. The tool just helps make our tasks even more visible, it is not a goal in itself.
I find Swift Kanban  a very useful tool for home made Kanban, it consists of a simple Kanban board, with colorful tickets and customizable flow. We can actually create our own house tasks board, with whatever columns we prefer, and assign tasks to our family.

The Swift Kanban interface has a good feel and flow to it - it’s easy to get to the different areas you need, and it’s flexible enough to let you customize it, without having to figure out complicated routines and rules.
What can we do with it ?
  •  Create tasks of different types.
  •  Add family members to those tasks.
  • Have shared tasks on a member’s tasks.
  • Define Due date for tasks.
  •  Drag and drop tasks as we wish.
  • Add our picture
  •  Add attachment
  • Colors
  • And many more….

I love it!

Free Limited to 4 users

Enjoy :)

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