January 11, 2012

The fun of Kanban

Do you know what Kanban is?

Are you using agile kids at home? If so, You are doing some sort of Kanban! (And a bit more)
Kanban is a Japanese word meaning display card or instruction card and it is used as a tool of improvement within organizations/ factories. 

Just as we are visualizing our home tasks or chores, workplaces visualize the teams or employees tasks. The visualization is end to end , meaning, from the creation of a task till it is completed and steeped to the customer.
We already wrote a lot and explained about the benefits of visualization and other Kanban principles in this blog and in the book .  This time , I have decided to bring to your attention  other uses of Kanban. Maybe, this will inspire you to initiate some new ideas in your own family.
This great slideshow , although technology oriented , can be useful for family and personal management as well.


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