December 11, 2011

What is a schedule board?

My friend’s kids, who have been practicing Agile at home for quite some time, started up their own board after fighting endlessly over who gets the television remote, and who’s turn is it on the computer.

The kids basically created two boards in one. One board for the computer and one for the television, putting up a sticky note to mark what each one did, and when. This way, they knew exactly who played what, and who’s turn it is next to watch their favorite TV show or playing on the computer. They even added a column for discussion.

This is the really amazing part that kids learn from Agile. When they have an argument, they just turn to a board for a solution, and make sure they have a place to talk over things during the daily gathering.

We really liked the fact that they thought about it for themselves and had the tools to initiate a solution. It might not be the most effective board, but it did the job, and solved the problem (at least for now :)) and this is what counts!
When my friend came home, the board was already set up in the living room, and her kids showed it off to her proudly, as kids do. The family made sure to track the board over the next few daily sessions, and very soon it became routine.
Well done!


  1. I like the cool solution that the kids came with

  2. Yes, it really was cool :) And it worked, too!

  3. I was hoping to read about two product owners so I came here :)

  4. i can write something if you want :) what do you have in mind?