November 01, 2011

Want your kids to manage their own tasks? Get AgileBoard

My friend’s kids recently discovered this really neat app called AgileBoard, and really took to it. Other than grading it ‘ultra-cool’ which is apparently a seal of approval for them, it’s exactly what they were looking for.
Kids (and parents of course) can create their own columns very easily, adding and assigning tasks, and managing chores or tasks - even their private ones.
You can customize your own board with the ‘Add column’ button to add more columns as you see fit. In our case we had a four column board for Gill (you can only see three :))

  • Backlog: Where he placed all his tasks
  • Selected: Where he put this week’s tasks, in order of priority
  • In progress: What he’s doing at the moment
  • Done: completed tasks.

I found this application extremely easy and very user friendly. Setting up the board and moving the tasks between the different columns is intuitive and simple, and it really has the coolest visualization.
The down side is, of course, that the application is for iOS only - iPhones and iPads, so when Dad is at work, the kids can’t always get to their task board. But as soon as he gets home, his phone and the task board get more attention than he does, with the kids updating the tasks to go with what they did that day.
Using this app encouraged everyone to add more tasks and it created a really good discussion over the progress of their tasks. It’s also a great solution for all you people who play with your iPhones and iPads over dinner time, for your weekly planning and retrospective sessions around the dinner table.

In short - Highly recommended!

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